At Cash for Cars Perth, we use advanced technology to quickly assess your car’s value. Our simple procedure involves a quick and straightforward direct bank transfer of funds into your account, such as BPAY, OSKO or through digital payment methods such as Paypal in a few hours. And the best part? We will tow your car for FREE! You can earn anywhere from $200 to $8,999 for your old vehicle with Cash for Cars Perth.

Cash for Cars Perth

Note: We are committed to safeguarding your financial transactions. Our website is PayPal Verified, assuring you of a secure payment environment. In addition, we utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your personal information throughout the process

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We Are Your Trusted Car Partner

Cash for Cars Perth is a well-established name in the automotive industry, with over 15 years of experience. We are licensed and registered with the Motor Trade Association and ensure that every transaction is conducted with adherence to legal regulations. As Perth’s leading car buyer and wreckers, we offer a comprehensive range of services. We are here to assist you in selling your old car for top dollar or recycling it in an eco-friendly manner.

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Selling Your Unwanted Car in Perth is Easy With
Our Three-Step Process


Discover Your Car’s Worth

Our digital assessment system swiftly evaluates your car’s value, ensuring you get the best deal. No matter the condition – whether it’s a used car, a scrap vehicle, or anything in between – we offer top cash to buy your unwanted car.

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Seal the Deal

Once you are satisfied with our offer, we will coordinate a suitable time to remove your car. Our experienced team will take care of everything during the pickup, making it easy for you. You don’t need to stress about paperwork because we have got it all covered.


Get Paid and Bid Farewell

Before our team arrives to remove your vehicle, please complete the following checklist:

  • Have your photo ID ready
  • Ensure the path to the vehicle is clear enough for us to access it for towing
  • Please remove your license plates, as they are not required for the transaction

These simple steps will ensure a smooth transaction. As we tow your car away, you will receive instant cash for cars in Perth.

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No Car is Left Behind with our Cash For Scrap Car Removal Perth

At Cash for Scrap Car Removal Perth, our commitment is straightforward: No car is left behind, regardless of its condition. When it comes to the types of vehicles we accept, the possibilities are vast. We welcome a diverse range of vehicle types, including:


Our adaptability extends beyond vehicle types. We are ready to work with various fuel types with both automatic and manual transmissions






As for brand acceptance, our arms are open to well-known names such as:

holden 19

Whether your vehicle is old, used, scrap, wrecked, rusted, hail-damaged, or in any other condition, we are here to provide a solution. Every car has worth, and our mission is to ensure you receive the best possible price, no matter its state.

  • We offer quick and convenient removal services for damaged and unregistered vehicles.
  • Our competitive rates guarantee that you get the best value for your car.
  • Say goodbye to the clutter and free up your valuable space with ease.
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Why Choose Us

Hassle-Free Experience

We know that selling your car can sometimes be a hassle. At Cash for Cars Perth, we are committed to making the whole process as smooth and easy as possible. We listen to your specific needs and provide solutions that suit you best.

Fair and Competitive Prices

We always aim to offer you the best price for your car, keeping up with market trends to ensure you get a fair deal. You can trust us to provide competitive rates, leaving you worry-free about your sale.

Quick and Instant Process

Selling a used car has never been quicker. You can sell your car within 30 minutes and receive payment in cash almost immediately. We value your time and aim for a fast and efficient process.


Guaranteed Purchase

We will purchase any car, regardless of its condition. If you want to sell your used car, you don’t have to look anywhere else – we are here for you.

Free Car Valuation

With our free online valuation tool, you can get an estimated market value for your car in just minutes. No need to wait for hours or make numerous calls to different agents. Visit our website, and you will have your valuation instantly.

Simple & Secure Transactions

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of the car market, ensuring secure and straightforward transactions. Both buying and selling used cars are made easy with just a few clicks. We are here to make your car dealings safe and simple.

Serving WA with Our Cash for Cars Perth Services

Wondering, “Is your company near me?

Our car removal company is a dependable and highly reputed scrap car removal solution with an office right here in Murray Road North, Welshpool Australia. With several years of experience in buying and removing vehicles, we have established a strong presence throughout Perth and its suburbs. Our free car removal service is available in many areas. It doesn’t matter if you reside in the north, south, east, or the suburbs. We cover a wide range, from the river’s north to its south, including the following places:

Northern Suburbs

Joondalup, Morley, Malaga, Wangara, and more

Eastern Suburbs

Midland, Redcliffe, Guildford, Ellenbrook, Forrestfield, and beyond

Southern Suburbs

Rockingham, Mandurah, Maddington, Fremantle, and many others

It’s not just car removals we offer. We go beyond and can remove unwanted trucks, and even light machinery. Our extensive towing network, featuring industry-leading partners, enables us to reach any location in Perth or regional Western Australia, usually within 24 hours.

How to Secure the Best Price for Your Old Car in Perth

We are here to guide you through the process and ensure you earn the most money for your old car, as many individuals in Perth might be worried about receiving the best deal. This is how to maximize the amount of money you receive:

  • Be Specific About Make and Model
  • Honesty About Condition and Damage
  • Age Matters
  • Share the Mileage
  • Capture the Details

Your car can still have value even if it is damaged, when handled by the right recyclers. To get the top price for your old car in Perth, all you have to do is share detailed and accurate information with us.

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Worried How to Smoothly Transfer Ownership and Why It’s Required

  • Don’t worry! We have the solution!

When you want to get rid of your car in Perth, it’s important to make the process of changing ownership as smooth as possible. We have made it simpler for you. Please click on the link Notification of Change of Ownership – Department of Transport WA to access more information:

This useful guide provides essential details on how to transfer the ownership of your car properly, ensuring a smooth and legal process.

If you do not want to go through this hassle, just let us know, and we will take care this for you. Whether you choose to do it yourself or rely on our assistance, we are here to make it as simple as possible.

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Read Some of Our Customer Case Studies

At Cash for Cars Perth, we have had the privilege of serving customers just like you, providing top cash for their vehicles. Here are some real stories of recent purchases:

2015 Hyundai iX35
Maylands, Western Australia

This Hyundai iX35 faced a blown engine. With the car sitting at the mechanics, we guided the customer through their options and offered them a great price, enabling them to buy a new car and get back on the road.

2002 Toyota Corolla
Lathlain, Western Australia

An unwanted spare car was taking up valuable space in the driveway. One quick call to us, and they received a top cash offer with next-day free car removal. Needless to say, they were happy customers!

2003 Toyota Corolla
Cottesloe, Western Australia

This Toyota Corolla had hail damage and mechanical issues, impacting its resale value. We were able to offer a fair price and provided fast, prompt payment.
Contact us now and let us share your cars’ story too.


Expertise Meets Recycling-Our Perth Scrap Yard Professionals

At Cash for Cars Perth, we take pride in our team of the finest scrap yard professionals, featuring the industry’s most seasoned auto dismantlers. Our experts swing into action the moment a car is delivered to our facility.

  • Our process begins with precise car disassembly by our experienced auto dismantlers. They systematically remove all scrap car parts until the vehicle is a bare shell.
  • After extraction, the car proceeds to the next phase where it’s expertly pressed and crushed, transforming into valuable scrap metal.
Scrap Yard Perth

Witness Recycling in Action

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of our recycling process and witness how we transform old vehicles into valuable resources, we invite you to visit our junkyard. It’s a unique opportunity to experience sustainability firsthand and see how every piece of your old car finds new life.

Who’s on Our Team?

At Cash for Cars Perth, our team is a well-rounded group of professionals who work together to deliver seamless and efficient services.

Car Appraisers

They determine the value of your car with precision, offering fair market value assessments.



Our dedicated team ensures timely and hassle-free car towing, sparing you from delays and inconveniences.


Car Wreckers

Our experts efficiently dismantle vehicles with environmental considerations, guaranteeing a responsible recycling process.


Client Service Team

Highly responsive and committed to your satisfaction, they address your inquiries via calls, emails, and more.


Our Headquarters at Perth

If you are seeking more information on Perth car removal or need expert advice on the best way to get top cash for your unwanted vehicle, why not talk to our experts in person at our Perth headquarters? We are here to provide you with a hassle-free service and guide you through the entire process.

Visit Us at Our Convenient Location

With onsite parking available, visiting our headquarters is a breeze. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most value for your unwanted vehicle.

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