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Mr Cash For Cars – The Most Trusted BMW Wrecker In Perth WA

We are the best-rated car wrecking service in Perth that offers customers stress-free car wrecking service along with other benefits such as:

  • Highest cash for cars in Perth up to $9,999
  • FREE car towing service from anywhere in WA
  • No hidden fees
  • We wreck all varieties of BMW
  • Online customer service available
  • Eco-friendly car scrapping

Call us today to receive the best offer for your BMW.

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    Sell Your BMW In A Hassle-free Manner And Earn Up To $9,999 In Instant Cash

    At Mr Cash For Cars, we provide customers with an easy way to get their vehicle wrecked and also earn top cash for them. We purchase all types of cars, vans, busses, trucks, Utes, SUVs, 4×4, and commercial vehicles and recycle them safely and eco-consciously.

    With the rising number of end-of-life vehicles, recycling them has become a necessity. With our services, we can prevent car wastes from being dumped in landfills and prevent over extraction of metal ores.

    The vehicles we purchase are all used for recycled metals and car parts. So, you can find with us a large inventory of BMW parts which you can purchase at reasonable rates.

    BMW Wreckers Perth

    The Models Of Toyota We Purchase

    Mr Cash For Cars buys all BMW cars models, pays customers up to $9,999 in instant cash in hand, and always offers FREE car removal service from anywhere in Perth.

    Below is the list of models we purchase in Western Australia:

    • BMW 1 Series
    • BMW 3 Series
    • BMW 5 Series
    • BMW 7 Series
    • BMW M1
    • BMW M3
    • BMW M5
    • BMW 2 Series
    • BMW 4 Series
    • BMW 6 Series
    • BMW M2
    • BMW M4
    • BMW M6
    • BMW X3
    • BMW X5
    • BMW Z3
    • BMW X1
    • BMW Z3
    • BMW X4
    • BMW X6
    • BMW Z4
    • BMW Z8
    • And more

    If you can’t find the model you own on the above list, feel free to contact us, and our customer service representatives will help you sell your BMW.

    Simple And Convenient Way To Sell Your Damaged BMW

    Mr Cash For Cars offer customers a quick and convenient way to sell unwanted cars in Perth. With our services, you no longer have to drag your vehicle to different junkyards or pay steep towing fees. Instead, we purchase your vehicles within a day and pick them right from your doorsteps.

    Just follow our simple steps and earn top cash for your BMW:

    Conditions Of Vehicles We Purchase In WA

    In Perth, we purchase all conditions of vehicles, such as:

    • Wrecked cars
    • Fire-damaged cars
    • Junk vehicles
    • Cars with parts missing
    • Cars with severe body damage
    • Scrap cars
    • Old vehicles
    • Slightly used vehicles
    • Hail-damaged cars
    • Totalled vehicles
    • Vehicles not eligible for car registration
    • Vintage cars
    • And more

    If you have any of the above types of vehicles, give us a call and receive FREE car removal services for all conditions of cars.

    Conditions Of Vehicles We Purchase In WA
    Top BMW Wreckers In Perth To Offer Eco-friendly Car Recycling

    Top BMW Wreckers In Perth To Offer Eco-friendly Car Recycling

    We have large scrap yards dedicated to recycling all types of vehicles in Perth in an eco-friendly manner. Our process is relatively straightforward:

    • We buy damaged, wrecked, and scrap vehicles from all over the city and take them to our BMW wreckers in Perth.
    • The vehicles are drained of toxic fluids such as brake oil, AC coolant, old fuels, and more.
    • The rusted parts from the car are also removed along with other wastes.
    • In the next step, the car is disassembled, and parts are taken out to be fixed and sold at our branches.
    • The frame and the car’s body are taken to the steel recycling plant, where its recycled and sold to scrap metal buyers.

    By doing so, we can prevent excessive car wastes from being dumped in landfills and also make use of end-of-life vehicles for recycled steel.

    To learn more about our services or sell your wrecked BMW, call us.