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    If you are currently looking to sell your old or damaged car, but don’t feel like waiting for weeks on end to find a buyer that is willing to give you a fair price, then you are in luck! Rather than listing your car in the newspapers, paying for an advertisement on tv, or waiting for someone to come along and see your “for sale” sign on the car, contacting Mr Cash for Cars is a way to instantly receive cash for your car, no matter the condition.

    Cash Removal Brigadoon:

    You will be able to receive instant cash for your old car, and a free removal service that will remove the car from your property. In addition, contacting us does not mean that you absolutely must let your old cargo. You can receive a free quote on your old, damaged or worn out car and if you choose to sell the car to us, receive cash on the spot! No longer must you wait for months on end when looking for a buyer for your vehicle. Mr Cash for Cars in Perth will offer you a fair price for your old clunker and remove the vehicle from the property without you having to lift a finger.

    Cash for cars

    Mr Cash for Cars offers a wide variety of services including:

    We are looking for any type of vehicle and will offer you cash for your old car, in any condition. This means that if you have car wrecked your car, rather than selling the car for scrap metal and receiving far below the sticker price for your vehicle, you will be able to earn up to $6,000 dollars for your old, unused car.

    – Cash for Used Car

    – Old car removal

    – Car removal towing

    – Junk car removal

    – Cash paid for your scrap cars

    – Unwanted car removal

    – Salvage car removal

    We are willing to remove your wrecked car, truck, van, SUV or any other type of vehicle you may have at zero cost to you. Depending on the condition of the car, you could earn up to $6,000 by selling your car to us! No longer do you or your family have to worry about the extra hassle of paying a towing service to get your old, junk car out of the way, and for those in the Brigadoon area, we are only a phone call away. Call us today!

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